Grain Bread Board - Round

Grain Bread Board - Round

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Grain Bread Boards walk the line between kitchen decor and the perfect solution for keeping crumbs off your counter. Inspired by a trip to the South of France, this collection of bread boards has grooves carved into the wood to collect crumbs when cutting and serving bread. The grooves follow a path of simple repetition to create a harmonious graphic design that will elevate any kitchen. Each board is handcrafted in San Francisco from American walnut and maple.

Wood Type:
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Carved grooves to collect bread crumbs
Leather hang tie
Food Safe
Made in the USA
Prop 65 Compliant


Round: 13”(33cm) x .75”(2cm)

- Wood grain and color pattern will vary
- Wood is a naturally porous material that requires occasional application of mineral oil or wood conditioner to ensure a lifetime of use
- To properly season the board, we recommend applying 2-3 coats of food grade mineral oil or wood conditioner prior to the first use. After using, you should apply mineral oil at least once a month.