Slope Carving Board

Slope Carving Board

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More than a beautiful modern wood carving board, Slope is designed to be the workhorse of your kitchen or next backyard barbecue. Improving upon the traditional edge grain carving board, Slope has a slanted groove along the border that carries excess juices downhill into the carved trough. The sloped groove reduces the risk of spilling while carving and allows for easy collection of juices for making sauces and gravy. Slope is sustainably crafted in the USA from North American Walnut or Maple and finished with food grade mineral oil.

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Sloped Groove Along Border
Gravy Trough Can Hold Up To 1/2 Cup of Liquid
Double Sided (Back Side Can Be Used as Cutting Board)
Finished with Mineral Oil
Made in the USA
Prop 65 Compliant


18"(45cm) x 12"(30cm) x .75"(2cm)

- Wood grain and color pattern will vary
- Wood is a naturally porous material that requires occasional application of mineral oil or wood conditioner to ensure a lifetime of use
- To properly season the board, we recommend applying 2-3 coats of food grade mineral oil or wood conditioner prior to the first use